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Belle Vie Belle Maison

Louisiana Luxury in a Bottle

Luxury Bath Products


As lifetime friends, we have a history of combining our talents, dreaming big, and enjoying life along the way. In fact, no one was really surprised when we joined forces after retirement to create our dream company, Belle Vie Belle Maison. That simply means Beautiful Life, Beautiful Home when translated from French. Just as our name implies, we started Belle Vie Belle Maison out of our core values, our love of nature, and our even bigger love of Louisiana.

 In our experiences, Tammy as a psychotherapist and Karen as a registered nurse, we witnessed first-hand how harmful chemicals and additives can be. We quickly learned that natural and organic products can enhance and protect our health without the harmful side effects linked to chemicals and additives. With this in mind, we founded a company that would make all-natural, organic, handmade luxury products for your bath and home. Belle Vie Belle Maison!

We have a LOT of ideas, but we mainly listen to what our families, our friends, our loving husbands and children, and what You are telling us. "Can your baby wash soothe and cleanse without chemicals? " "My skin is too sensitive for body products. Can you make something for me?" "What about my child's eczema?" We carefully listen to each request, and find away to answer, "YES, we can make that!" Making products that fit the needs of our customers is not only a privilege but our passion! Belle Vie Belle Maison is truly an extension of the years spent as healers of the body and the mind.

Savor the ritual of bath, the nourishment of skin, and the enjoyment of a fragrant home . We hope our products serve as a reminder to breathe deeply on a hectic day, and to relax and enjoy your beautiful life, beautiful home. It is our desire to improve your health, your outlook, your life in some personal and profoundly beautiful way.

Please feel free to use the "Contact Us" form found on our Contact page for any questions you may have. We sincerely thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We hope you will make Belle Vie Belle Maison a part of YOUR beautiful life, beautiful home.

Tammy Tubre and Karen Busby