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Belle Vie Belle Maison

Louisiana Luxury in a Bottle

Belle Vie Belle Maison products and company embraces a fresh, new and decidedly different approach to beauty products. We believe:

PRODUCTS CREATED BY HAND OFFER THE HIGHEST DEGREE OF QUALITY AND FRESHNESS. All our products are hand stirred, hand poured and hand wrapped in order to preserve the true artisan nature of our selections. We all know that fresh food is healthier for us. The same holds true for our bath and body products. Items freshly prepared are ripe with their natural vitamins and minerals. Products lose efficacy when sitting for months on warehouse shelves. At Belle Vie Belle Maison, our attention to detail, and exacting quality standards assures you of the very finest in bath, body and home products.

A DEGREE IN CHEMISTRY SHOULD NOT BE REQUIRED TO UNDERSTAND A PRODUCT LABEL. We take our ingredients seriously, and our cue from Mother Nature, utilizing the best she has to offer. While there are cheaper alternatives, we find no value in cutting costs at the expense of your skin health. The organic clays, fruit proteins, raw organic honey, organic shea butter, coconut milk, exotic oils and extracts, along with the highest in therapeutic grade essential oils and carrier oils are all thoughtfully selected to ensure a luxury experience that is equally good for you. Our entire Belle Vie Belle Maison collection is paraben-free, silicon-free, petrolatum-free, dye-free, phthalate-free and sulfate-free.

WE ARE STRICTLY OPPOSED TO ANIMAL TESTING. We hold the sincere belief that there is no need in today's market to test cosmetic formulations on animals. The few ingredients our animal friends do supply (such as silk and honey) are 100% responsibly sourced. We do not purchase our raw materials from vendors who perform animal testing, and we do not and will not commission anyone to perform such tests on our behalf.