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Lavender Spa Combo


Perfect for gift giving!

We have combined our two top-selling items to offer you a great gift option for any special occasion.  

Our GOAT MILK SOAP is safe on all skin surfaces.  It contains many vitamins that help maintain healthy skin.  The cream present in goat milk boosts its moisturizing quality, helping to keep skin well nourished.  Goat milk also contains many minerals such as selenium, which helps to prevent damage to skin cells from excessive exposure to the sun and may play an important role in preventing skin cancer.  

We use our very own proprietary blend of RELAXING BATH SALTS including Pacific, Dead Sea, Himalayan, Dendritic, and others to elevate your bath to a decadent experience.  Your skin will be softened and nourished, so no need to moisturize when you leave the tub.  Your salt may have floral enhancements such as dried lavender buds or rose petals, which have been lovingly and organically grown in our own Louisiana gardens.  


Goat Milk Soap Bar - 4 ounces
Relaxing Bath Salts- 8 ounces

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