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Bath Bomb


Transition your bath experience to extraordinary and enjoy the show!  Your bath bomb will fizz delightfully as it dissolves under warm water when you draw your bath.  Rest, relax, and luxuriate in a luscious bath experience.  Your skin feels soft, smells fabulous.

These are large bath bombs (4.5 ounces) and are made with skin-softening oils and organic shea butter.  

Bombs are available in:

JENNIFER'S GARDEN  - Sweet perfume of a spring garden with slightly musky undertones.  Dried rose petals are released.  Your bath water will be a lovely pink.

ISLAND COCONUT - A tropical delight! Coconut and pineapple with fruity undertones. 

COTTON CANDY - (shown)  Kids LOVE this bath bomb.  Topped with glitter.  Visions of cotton candy and lemon drops, caramel and rasberry jam.  

HYDRANGEA - Fresh hydrangea and rose petals. A summer stroll in the flower garden.  Will turn your water a delightful blue.

HAWAIIAN PLUMERIA - Very popular combination of jasmine, lily, rose, and lilac.  

LOUISIANA LAVENDER - Lavender flowers. Perfect antidote for a long day at the office. Ultimate relaxation! 

SOOTHING ALOE - Think fresh, clean, relaxing.  A spa experience.

HIBISCUS- Stroll through a meadow of wildflowers and backtrack through a strawberry patch. Soft, sweet, alluring.  Will turn your water the most delectable pink.

MIDNIGHT VANILLA - Vanilla bean with a soft mist of floral undertones.  Splendid combination. Pamper yourself!

OATMEAL AND HONEY - Relaxing and rejuvenating.  Sweet and refreshly clean!

LEMONADE - Wonderful citrus fragrance of lemons sweetened with honey.  Luscious!


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