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Beautiful Hands Scrub

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Our pecan gardener's scrub is full of natural oils and botanicals. It is luxuriously thick and creamy. This formula is specifically designed and textured to exfoliate your gardener's hands.  

This is a fabulous product for the lover of the great outdoors.  We have used Louisiana pecans, finely crushed shells as well as pulp, to make a delicious scrub that will gently but thoroughly remove garden, woods, or fishing dirt (and smells).  Your hands will be clean and smooth.  

Contains 2% Shea Butter and 5% Cocal Butter

Contains 2% Shea Butter ad 5% Cocoa Butter

Contains 2% Shea Butter and 5% Cocoa Butter.

Contains 2% Shea Butter and 5% Cocoa Butter.

The biggest fans of this fabulous cleanser are fishermen (and fisherwomen).   They tell us that our Pecan Gardener's Scrub immediately removes that fishy odor from their hands.

Every scoop gently removes dead skin cells and dirt, leaving the skin soft, cleansed, and hydrated. It is ideal for dry and/or sensitive skin and can be used for all-over body exfoliation, revealing a new layer of smooth, shiny, and healthy skin.  It contains deionized water, safflower seed oil, pecan powder, pecan extract, Vitamin E, Pro-Vitamin B5, Aloe Vera leaf, calendula flower extract, cucumber fruit extract, and chamomile flower extract.  

Apply a small scoop to hands and rinse under water.  Repeat if necessary.  This is a very rich scrub.  A small amount is generally enough for even the worst dirt.


4 ounce jar


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