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Happy Feet Scrub/ Beautiful Hands Scrub



Our thick and creamy Happy Feet Scrub is a full 20% shea butter.  It has been specially designed to exfoliate dry, rough skin. For problem heels and between the toes, your tired feet will thank you when you use this wonderfully rich treat for your feet. 

One treatment with our Happy Feet Scrub and your feet will feel smooth, soft, and refreshed. Its delicious, nutty fragrance is reminiscent of our Louisiana home and is resplendent with crushed pecans.  

Exfoliates while it moisturizes. Cream-based and never sticky, tacky, or greasy.  Ideal for rough, dry feet.  A spa in a jar!  

DIRECTIONS:  Apply a small amount to your feet and massage gently.  Rinse and pat dry.

Relaxing.  Healthy.  Divine.


4 oz jar.


Our beautiful Hands Scrub is a full 20% shea butter.  It is loaded with natural oils and botanicals.  This formula is specifically designed and textured to exfoliate your hands while keeping them soft and supple.

This is a fabulous product for the lover of the great outdoors.  We finely crush Louisiana pecans to make a delicious scrub that gently but thoroughly removes dead skin and everyday impurities.  Your hands will feel wonderfully clean and fabulously smooth.

The biggest fans of this fantastic scrub are fishermen and fisherwomen.  They tell us that our Beautiful Hands Scrub thoroughly and completely removes that fishy odor from their hands.

Every scoop gently removes dead skin cells and dirt, leaving the skin soft, cleansed, and hydrated.  It is ideal for dry and/or sensitive skin, revealing a new layer of smooth, shiny, and healthy skin.

DIRECTIONS:  Apply a small scoop to hands and rinse under warm water.  Repeat if necessary.  This is a very rich scrub.  A small amount is generally enough for even the most neglected hands.


4 ounce jar

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